A few suggestions for titanium plate welding

For general titanium plate, the most commonly used specifications are density 4.5, color silver gray, size 2 meters long and 1 meter wide, thickness is not determined according to actual needs. For the current titanium plate welding situation, the following recommendations are made.

Titanium plate manufacturers

In general, the general titanium plate welding requirements are as follows.

1: The welding surface of the titanium plate does not need oxide skin, no cracks, and the thickness between the mutual welding does not exceed 3 mm.

Secondly, the welding environment of titanium plate requires that the temperature of the welding room should be between 5℃~30℃; the welding room must be clean, dust-free and maintain a dry environment; the shield should try to use titanium plate.

3: titanium plate welding wire needs to pickle the surface, the wire should not have cracks and oxidation, to use the same blank material as the parent material.

4: titanium plate welding argon protection in the welding process requires three layers of protection, namely, the upper protection, lower protection protection and argon containing torch protection. Upper and lower protection personnel should follow the image area of the welding torch to ensure the protection of argon at high temperatures and to prevent oxidation. The purity of argon is 99%.

These are some requirements for titanium plate welding, in order to meet these requirements can be very good welding, so usually we need to pay attention to these areas when welding.

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