A New Type Of Titanium Alloy

Ti55531 alloy is a new type of high strength and high toughness β-type titanium alloy, whose nominal composition is Ti-5AI-5V-5mo-3CR-1Zr.

This titanium alloy has good hardenability and a wide processing range, especially suitable for manufacturing parts that must bear great stress, more suitable for structural parts and landing gear, wings, engine hanger connection device, etc..

It`s is increasingly popular in the aerospace industry and has been applied in A380 Airbus aircraft. 

Compared with the traditional β-type titanium alloy TI-1023, this alloy has low smelting and processing cost, no obvious composition segregation, and has the advantages of excellent strength and high fracture strength, and has the tendency to replace TI-1023 gradually .

At present, many countries have studied the heat treatment technology of titanium alloy bars, but the heat treatment technology of titanium alloy plates has not been studied.

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