Arconic develops new titanium alloy for high-temperature aerospace applications

Arconic recently announced that it has developed and commercially licensed an advanced titanium alloy called ARCONIC-THOR. ARCONIC-THOR is a new, lighter and more cost-effective titanium alloy to replace current nickel-based super alloys, which are designed for high-temperature applications in next-generation aerospace engines and adjacent structures. This patented titanium alloy is 50% lighter than current nickel-based alloys, making it more suitable for use in high-temperature resistant aero engines and adjacent structures, and will provide cost savings to customers, allowing the company to capture the needs of the engine and airframe materials market.

ARCONIC-THOR is a breakthrough aerospace material with properties not found in traditional alloys, according to Jeremy Halford, president of Arconic Engineered Structures. The widespread use of next-generation fuel-efficient aero-engines presents a challenge for material selection for exhaust system materials and adjacent structures. Using our materials science expertise, our engineers developed ARCONIC-THOR, a robust titanium solution that can withstand the heat and considerable weight, providing cost savings to our customers.

Within Arconic's proprietary alloy range, the special patented formulation offers a three-fold increase in oxidation resistance compared to existing high-temperature alloys. This improved oxidation resistance prevents material deterioration at elevated temperatures and allows the ARCONIC-THOR alloy to operate better at durable temperatures compared to other conventional titanium alloys on the market.

Arconic has worked with customers on development projects ARCONIC-THOR, including Boeing, a manufacturer of aircraft programs funded by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, and Honeywell, an aircraft engine manufacturer, in which we use ARCONIC-THOR sheet to produce all of our large components. The Joint Materials Affordability Initiative (MAI) project validated ARCONIC-THOR as a producible, high oxidation resistance titanium alloy with acceptable oxidation resistance at temperatures up to and beyond 200°F. The project further concluded that ARCONIC-THOR significantly reduces weight and improves component performance.

The Society of Automotive Engineers - Aerospace Materials Specification Committee on Titanium and Refractory Metals (SAE-AMS) recently approved Standard Aerospace Materials Specification (AMS) 6953 for ARCONIC-THOR sheet.

ARCONIC-THOR can produce thin and thick plates, foils, billets, rolled rings, forgings and extrusions. It is formable (cold, hot, superplastic), heat treatable, forgeable, and weldable.

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