At the beginning of this year

At the beginning of this year, Baoti successfully signed the contact of Baoji Grand Theater "modeling of roofing" , and completed the contact of the material weight of 55 tons of Baoji Grand theater roof for the task in the end of August .

The titanium roof of Baoji Grand Theatre covers an area of about 26,000 square meters. In the original effect drawings, the molding roof was originally designed as aluminum-plastic composite plate. But after comprehensive consideration, the designer decided to make the roof with titanium. The reason why titanium plate is chosen as the main material is because titanium has good corrosion resistance, it can withstand urban pollution, acid rain, industrial radiation and other corrosive atmospheric conditions, and has a long service life; Titanium, as a building component, can greatly reduce the weight of the structure, easy to lift and install, reduce the load bearing of the main structure, reduce the center of gravity of the building, and improve the overall seismic capacity of the building; Titanium is non-toxic. Titanium will not decompose the metal ions into groundwater. It can be 100% recycled and no pollution to the environment. It is a rare green environmental protection material. Baoti undertook the research and development of woolen titanium belt coils for roofing materials.

The successful rolling of roughened titanium material breaks through the technical barrier of titanium for moulding roof. It has a milestone meaning for the large-scale application of domestic titanium material in the construction industry.

titanium roof of baoji grand theater_副本.jpg

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