How to identify titanium alloy?

Accurate identification generally requires professional instruments. The kind that measures the metal components. What is the identification of everyday titanium alloy? The following Jinfu titanium small to introduce you to several major methods of identification methods.

1, specific gravity: the specific gravity of titanium alloy in about 4.55, is usually 57% of the stainless steel, from the feel of the easier to distinguish.

2, color: titanium alloy metal color is off-white, color texture is different from stainless steel, aluminum alloy. Because titanium alloy is more difficult to polish, coloring, so the surface of titanium alloy products are usually mechanical polishing or sanding, only a few high-grade titanium alloy products partially polished mirror light. And mechanical polishing and sanding surface color is titanium alloy unique gray or dark gray.

3, strength: titanium alloy strength is higher than the general stainless steel and aluminum alloy, can reach two times the stainless steel.

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