How To Prevent Titanium Bolts From Loosening?

Loosening of fastener has always been a serious problem of industrial manufacturing and industrial products, and even cause a unpredictable harm to our daily life, work, transportation, national defense and military.


Then how to prevent titanium bolts from loosening?


The commonly used forms of anti-loosening in our titanium fastener industry mainly include the following types: titanium spring washers, titanium stopping washers, titanium retaining washerstitanium retaining rings, titanium locking nuts, titanium slotted nuts and titanium cotter pins, etc.


Titanium washers (titanium plain washers, titanium spring washers, titanium stopping washers, titanium locking washers) mainly rely on the elastic force and its insertion of the incisive angle to prevent loosing. But because the elasticity of titanium washer is uneven and also not very reliable, we more use it in not important connection. 


The locking principle of titanium locking nuts is that when the external thread is screwed in, the good elasticity of nylon or metal material will produce the locking force to achieve the locking. In the case of small vibration, titanium locking nuts can also be used to adjust the position. However, due to the limitation of nylon melting point, the general maximum working temperature of titanium nylon locking nuts should be less than 120°, and 100° or less is appropriate. Besides, titanium all metal locking nuts will also be a better alternative. 

golden titanium nylog locking nuts.png

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