Knowledge of titanium rods

Titanium rods are no strangers now, knowing what they are used for, what they are used for, knowing its great achievements in the medical industry, aerospace, all the benefits and help it brings us.
It has excellent strength, hardness, low density and light quality, high temperature, low temperature resistance, good machining performance, corrosion resistance is excellent, non-magnetic non-toxic, heat exchange performance is good, at the same time has memory, superconductivity, hydrogen storage performance is very prominent.
Titanium rod products are also widely used in: navigation, aerospace, vacuum salt, automotive industry, medical sports, paper textile industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, chlor-alkali industry, fertilizer industry, desalination industry, as well as life watch shell production, computer shell and spare parts production, etc. are also involved.
Titanium has been found to be more than a hundred years of history, people have been really using it for a long time, titanium rods have been used for a long time, it also brings great help to various industries.

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