Pirce Of Titanium Sponge Rises Sharply Collectively

The market price of titanium sponge increase collectively, the range of 4000 yuan/ton. 

The reason why price increase is mainly based on the following points: 

1. The price of raw material titanium tetrachloride continues to rise. In recent months, the price of titanium tetrachloride has been increased by more than 1000yuan/ton, and the enterprise cost has also been increased significantly. 

2. Due to the shortage of liquid chlorine and high price,titanium tetrachloride enterpriseare running short, and the raw material of titanium sponge enterprises downstream are affected, and the production has been reduced recently. 

3. The high-end demand of titanium sponge is still growing significantly this year. The civil order returns to normal and the manufacturers inventory is still in tension. 4. Although the price of titanium sponge market has been raised in the early stage, but the order price of enterprise is at a loss.

Combined with the above factors, the price of titanium sponge collective large upward.

Price Trend Chart Of Titanium Sponge.png

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