Reasons and solutions for the decline of titanium screws!

If the failure of the titanium screw is not only a fracture, but also many other failures, the reasons and solutions for the decline of the titanium screw are analyzed below.

   Reasons for the decline of titanium screws:

   1. The surface hardness of the screw is too low, the thread is too shallow or the root thread is too shallow;

  2, the wind is too big;

   3. The hole system is too large;

  4. The austerity tightening continues;

  5, the surface wind is not controlled;

  6. Improper tightening sequence of titanium screws leads to misplaced fixing holes. The required tightening force is too large and difficult to grasp;

  7. The screw specification model is incorrect.

  The solution to the decline of titanium screws:

   1. Replace the same type of screws from different manufacturers or different batches. If you cannot replace them, you need to adjust the small wind batch booth;

  2. Reasonable small wind speed change position, especially some bug fixes;

  3. Replace or modify the part;

  4. Strengthen vocational training and master the use of standards; strict process standards;

  5. Adjust the connection sequence of the screws and try to use diagonal fixation to effectively reduce the tightening force;

   6. Use the correct standard screw.

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