Relatively expensive metal materials such as titanium alloys are mainly used in some high-end precision industries.

1. The nuclear industry

During the construction of nuclear reactors, many parts, pipelines and related parts require a large amount of titanium and titanium alloy metals, and titanium alloy screws are one of them.

2. Electronic equipment

In the past, many mobile phones and computers used steel screws. However, the steel is magnetic and needs to be demagnetized, otherwise the steel screws are easily magnetized under the influence of electromagnetic fields, which will affect the network signal. Titanium alloy screws are non-magnetic, light in weight and high in strength, making them very suitable for use as fasteners for electronic equipment.

3. Medical industry

Titanium is a biophilic metal and is widely used in the medical industry. Titanium alloy screws are often used in the fixation treatment of clinical fractures and dislocations. They are strong and not easily deformed.

4. Aerospace

The aerospace industry is still the most important titanium user. Using titanium alloy screws to replace steel screws with similar strength has a significant effect on aircraft weight reduction. In addition, titanium alloys have good elasticity and non-magnetic properties, which also play a very important role in preventing the loosening of screws and preventing magnetic field interference.

With the development of the titanium industry, titanium alloy screws will no longer be limited to high-end precision industries, but will go deeper into people's daily lives.

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