The application of titanium equipment in the chemical industry

In chemical production, corrosion of chemical equipment is a major problem. Due to corrosion, a large amount of steel (2731, 85.00, 3.21%) is wasted each year. In China, the main cause of equipment damage in the chemical industry is also due to corrosion. As a result, many devices have a service life of only 1-2 years and the shortest is only 1-2 months. Titanium equipment has excellent performance in terms of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and scouring resistance. Although the one-time investment in titanium equipment is high, but the service life is carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron equipment several times, dozens of times.
Because titanium has the outstanding advantages of low density, high strength and good corrosion resistance, it has successfully solved the serious corrosion problem of equipment in chemical production and has been favored, which has brought a leap to the anti-corrosion technology of chemical industry.
  Chemical system is The Earliest Use Of Titanium In China'S Civil IndustrY, And The Largest Use Of Industrial SectorS. In the past 10 years, the amount of titanium used in China's chemical industry is equivalent to the sum of titanium production in 2009 and 2010.
The table shows the proportion of titanium used in various fields of chemical industry in China
  Application of titanium in the chemical industry
  At present, titanium in the chemical industry as long as the application field:
  1. Chlor-alkali industry
  Titanium was the earliest and largest user in the chemical industry. These include the production of chlorine gas, chlorine oxides, pesticides, drift powders, etc., in which titanium equipment and pipes account for almost a quarter of their total mass.
Such as for metal anode electrolysis tank, ion membrane electrolytic tank and anode liquid pump, column tube wet chlorine cooler, chlorine wastewater dechlorination tower, chlorine gas cooling washing tower, refined brine preheater, vacuum dechlorination pump and valve.
  2. Soda industry
  In soda production, titanium is mainly used in crystalline external coolers, distillation tower top ammonia condensers, ammonium chloride mother liquid heaters, flat heat exchangers, umbrella plate heat exchangers, carbonization tower cooling tubes, CARBON dioxide turbine compressor rotor, lye pumps and so on.
Vacuum salt industry
  Titanium ammonia evaporator, titanium preheater, titanium precooler, titanium flange, titanium tube plate, titanium pump housing and titanium elbow.
  4. Petrochemical fiber
  At present, regardless of the introduction from abroad, or domestic self-designed and manufactured polyester, nylon, virex and other petrochemical fiber enterprises have used some titanium equipment.
The application of titanium equipment has played a positive role in the production and development of chemical fiber in China$ especially in the safe and stable continuous production, to improve product quality, to prevent premature corrosion failure of stainless steel, to improve the service life of equipment, to reduce parking and maintenance, and to improve comprehensive economic efficiency, has made a significant contribution.
  5. Fine chemical industry
  The industrial raw material of epoxy propane plant is a strong corrosion medium.
The two main raw materials used in PO production are liquid chlorine and propylene, these strong corrosion medium has laid the corrosion foundation of PO production equipment pipeline, in this process conditions, such as carbon steel, Al, Cu, Ni, stainless steel and other metals are not resistant to corrosion, only titanium is an ideal anti-corrosion metal material.
  6. Inorganic salt industry
  Inorganic salts mainly include chlorates and potassium salts. Domestic sodium chlorate production has developed rapidly in the past two years, with a total production capacity of more than 1 million t and about 500,000 t in expansion or early work.
Titanium chlorate equipment mainly has electrolytic troughs, titanium anodes, reaction generators, evaporators, etc. , each 10,000 t sodium chlorate needs to use titanium 15t.
  Potassium salt products include potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, potassium carbonate and so on, at present, China's total production capacity of potassium nitrate and potassium carbonate is about 600,000 t. In evaporators in the production of potassium nitrate and potassium carbonate, preheat tanks and coolers require titanium equipment.
  7. Other industries
  Titanium diphtherium Titanium is used in thin film concentrators, calcination kiln feed tubes, centrifuge distribution plates, etc.
  Urea Titanium is used in urea synthesis tower lining, ammonia gas tower, general decomposition tower heater, methamid pump feed, drain valve and spring, high-pressure mixer, etc.
  Dye Titanium is used in snake tube heat exchangers, absorption towers, purification tower nozzles, fans, water ring vacuum pumps, filters, etc.
  Titanium nitrate is used in nitric acid evaporators, nitrogen oxide exhaust preheaters, nitric acid vapor preheaters, gas scrubbers, quick coolers, condensers, turbine blowers, pumps, valves, pipes, etc.

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