The Application Of Titanium Material In Chemical Industry

In the procuction of chemical, corrosion of chemical equipment is the major problem. Due to corroison, the service life of many equipment is only 1-2 year`s service time, and the shortest is noly 1-2 moths. Titanium material has extremely excellent performance in corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, erosion  resistance. Althoug titanium equipment is a high one-time investment, but its service life is severial times, dozens times of carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron equipment. The distinctive advantage of low density, high strength and good  corrosion resistance has successfully solved the serious corrosion problem of equipment in chemical production and has been widely favoued.

Nowdays, the main application fields of titanium material in chemical industry are as follows: Chlor-Alkali Industry; Soda Industry; Vacuum Salt Industry; Petrochemical Fibre; Fine Chemical Industry; Inorganic Salt Industry and other industries.

The earliest and largest user of titanium in chemical industry is Chlor-Alkali industy, including the production of chlorine gas, oxychlorides, pesticides, bleaching powder and so on. In the production of Chlorince and Alkali, titanium equipment and pipeline ocupies almost a quarter of the total. For example, it`s used in electrolytic cell, titanium anode, reaction generator, evaporator, filter, heat exchanger, condenser, preheater, precooler, titanium flangetitanium tube plate, the casing of titanium pumptitanium elbowtitanium valve, etc.

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