The Basic Parameters Of Titanium Screw Thread

Large Diameter(d)-the nominal diameter of thread.

Small Diameter(d1)Ofen used for strength calculations.

Medium Diameter(d2)-Ofen used for geometric calculations.

Thread Angle(α)the angle between the two sides of thread tooth profile in the axial section.

Thread Height(h)the distance of the top and bottom of the tooth perpendicular to the axis.

Pitch(P)the axial distance between the corresponding points on two adjacent threads on the middle diameter line.

Thread Count(P)-the numbers of helices of thread.

Helical Pitch(S)the axial distance that is moved the same helix on a thread once, S=nP.

Helix Angle(Ψ)the angle between the tangent of a helix and the plane perpendicular to the axis of the thread, Tan Ψ = S/πd2= nP/πd2.

By knowing the basic parameters of thread, you may have a clearer idea of how to choose or design titanium screws, titanium bolts, titanium nuts according to your requirements.  

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