The Imperial Thread Of Titanium Bolts

Jointly formulated by the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, It is the commonly used as imperial thread. Its specification is expressed as the number of teeth per inch, which can be divided into coarse thread(UNC); fine thread (UNF); extra-fine thread(UNEF).


The size of imperial thread usually expressed by the number of threads per inch in length, referred to simply as "teeth per inch", is exactly the reciprocal of the pitch. For example, a thread of 8 teeth per inch has a pitch of 1/8 inch.


The identification of imperial thread:

5/8 × 3 - 13 UNC - 2A - LH

(1) 5/8 —Imperial Thread, diameter  5/8`` .

(2) 3 — the length of bolt 3``.

(3) 13 — number of teeth per inch thread.

(4) UNC — unified standard thread coarse teeth (UNC: coarse thread; UNF: fine thread)

(5) 2 —  medium fit(3: tight fit; 2: medium fit; 1:loose fit) 

(6) A — external thread(A: external thread; B: internal thread)

(7) LH — left thread(RH: right thread; LH: left thread) 

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