The Month Review Of The Titanium Market

Domestic titanium prices have risen again in this month. After Panzhihua announced an increase of 100 yuan/ton on the 21st, Anning Iron & Titanium also announced an increase on the 23rd, and the price of panzhihua 20# titanium ore went up to 1530-1550 yuan/ton. Affected by this situation, the titanium price of the surrounding small factory also followed up. It is understood that, the stock of Panzhihua #10 titanium ore is in short supply at present. Many enterprises still have not completed the old orders. Affected by this situation, some miners suspended the external quotation, and will resume bidding after the National Day.

At present, the import price of titanium ore is also strong, Mozambique titanium ore quoted $270 / ton; Kenya titanium ore quoted $230 / ton. 

Titanium sponge market is warming in this monththe quotation of 1# titanium sponge rose to 52,000 yuan/ton. It is understood that with the recovery of demand for titanium sponge from downstream enterprises, the number of orders from titanium sponge enterprises has increased, which is also the main reason for the recovery of titanium sponge price.At present, some enterprises have not completed all the previous orders, but the new order price has been signed according to the new price. It is expected that the sponge titanium market will gradually improve in the future.

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