The Rolling Forming And Research Direction Of Titanium Alloy Bars

Titanium alloy has the advantage of high specific strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance. Its rod products are used in the production of aircraft spiral blades, fasteners and other military products, as well as titanium alloy artificial skeleton, automobile valve spring, valve stem, seafood aquaculture cages, eyeglasses frame and other civil products.


Titanium alloy bars is multi-process from ingot casting to finished products. The process includes smelting, ingot billet, peeling, forging, precision forging, grinding, heating, rolling, heat treating, straightening, cutting, inspection, packaging, etc. Among them, rolling and heat treatment are the key factors to determine the microstructure and properties of titanium ally bars.


At present, the research of titanium alloy products is developing towards high performance and low cost. That is, in the pursuit of certain performance index, but also pay attention to the match of comprehensive performance, such as strength, plasticity, toughness. Therefore, it`s an urgent problem to study and improve the rolling forming technology of titanium alloy rods to obtain titanium alloy bars with high dimensional accuracy and excellent mechanical properties.

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