The Specific Information Of Gr5 Titanium Rods

GR5 titanium rods are widely used in various fields because of their high strength, good corrosion resistance, and high heat resistance.The following are some detailed information about it.

Items:  Grade 5 Titanium Rods

Specification:  ф2.0~ф300

Standard:  GB/T 2965-2007, GB/T 13810-2007, ASTM B348, ASTM F136

Condition:  hot working state (R); cold working state (Y); annealing state (M); solid solution state (ST);

Packaging:  bundle or wooden box packaging

Surface:  Polished,Peeled or Black

Surface Quality:  high precision, good finish, no oxide layer, no pits, no cracks, no folding,no rolling, no scarring, no delamination, no hairline and no other defects.

Surface Finish:  clean, dust-free, better acid-resistant service life.

Physical Properties:  better elongation and strength properties.

Test:  physical performance test, hardness test, chemical composition test.

Features:  1 low density; 2 high specific strength; 3 resistance to acid, alkali, salt, and seawater corrosion; 4 superior mechanical properties.

Uses:  used in petroleum industry, electric power industry, seawater desalination industry, salt and alkali industry, coking industry, hydrometallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry.

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