Three methods and processes for stamping titanium tees

Stamping forming process titanium tee is the use of seamless tube blanks for a one-time overall forming, mainly crowding forming, the resulting composition of its hydraulic properties than welding three-way parts better. Stamping forming process production three mainly: filler extrusion forming, hydraulic expansion, thermal pressure forming three methods, the specific method process is as follows:
  First, the filler squeezes into shape:
  Filler extrusion forming process, the use of internal filling filler straight tube blank squeeze forming.
Put the tube blank into the mold cavity after molding, and then push from both sides with the same diameter size of the convex mold from both sides at the same speed, the tube blank under the pressure of both ends with the filler together with the radial hole opened from the mold to extrude the molding tee. In order to prevent the branch from bulging under the pressure in the filler, install a balanced convex mold in the radial hole of the mold, and apply enough balance pressure to the extruded branch to support the drastic expansion of the branch.
  Filler extrusion forming process extruded titanium tee fittings all the same wall thickness, coarse deformation is very small, extruded part of the height of the pipe diameter of 2 to 3 times.
Fillers and metal tubes move in sync in the mold cavity, and there is no mechanical scratch on the inner wall of the fittings. One of the key technologies of this process is the selection of bloated media fillers, which are mainly paraffin, butter, clay, nylon, silicone rubber and polyurethane rubber. The three-way parts with high internal wall requirements can be used as media such as nylon, polyurethane rubber, silicone rubber, etc. For workpieces with low or no requirements for the inner wall, paraffin can be used as a medium for recycling and low cost.
  Second, hydraulic expansion:
  Three-way hydraulic expansion is a molding process that expands out of the branch pipe through the axial compensation of metal materials.
Its working principle is the use of hydraulic machine, and titanium three-way diameter of the same tube blank into the cavity, pressed the mold, injected into the tube blank liquid, through the hydraulic machine two horizontal side cylinder synchronization relative to the medium motion squeeze tube blank, pipe billet after being squeezed volume becomes smaller, tube blank liquid with tube blank volume becomes smaller and pressure rises, pipe billet high-pressure liquid and left and right axis under the dual effect of squeeze pressure along the mold cavity and expansion of the shape and size. In order to prevent the branch from breaking, a balance force of the balance convex mold needs to be added to support the severe deformation of the branch.
  Hydraulic expansion titanium three-way suitable molding materials as a relatively low tendency for cold hardening carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, including some colored metal materials, such as copper, aluminum, titanium and so on.
  Third, hot pressure forming:
  Thermal pressure is pressed into a tee after heating, and the equipment required for material molding has a low tonnage. Its process is to be larger than the diameter of titanium three-way pipe blank flattened to the size of the three-way diameter, and in the branch of the hole, heating pipe blank. During the process of radial compression, the metal flows in the direction of the branch and forms the branch under the mold stretch.
The whole process of thermoforming is through the pipe blank radial compression and branch pull process, the difference between forming three-way and hydraulic expansion is that the metal of the three-way branch pipe is compensated by the radial motion of the pipe billet, so it is also called radial compensation process.
  Hot-pressed titanium tee is suitable for low-carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel materials, especially large diameter and pipe wall thicker than some tee, often using hot-press forming process to manufacture.

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