Titanium Alloy Parts In F-15 Fighter(1)

The fuselage of F-15 fighter is an all-metal semi monocoque structure. It divided into three sections. The front section includes the radar radome, cockpit and electronic equipment cabin, etc. The main structural material is aluminum alloy. The middle part is  is connected with the wing. The first three frames are aluminum  alloy and the last three frames are titanium alloy. The material is Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy, accounting for 20.4% of the weight of the fuselage structure. The rear section is mainly the engine compartment and the bearing tail beam connecting the vertical stabilizer and horizontal tail. It`s designed with all-titanium alloy structure, including the partition frame, the plover, speed brake and the skin. The wing structure of F-15 fighter is muti-beam torsion-resistant box type safety structure. The front wing beam is made of aluminum alloy, and the subsequent three wing beam are made of titanium alloy. The lower skin of integral fuel tank inside the wing is made of titanium alloy, and the rest are skin wallboard whole made of aluminum alloy in the thick plate.The F-15 fighter torsion-resistant boxes of the vertical stabilizer and horizontal tail are made of titanium alloy.

Titanium Alloy Parts In F-15 Fighter.jpg

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