Titanium alloy screws why so popular?

Titanium alloy screws why so popular? That's because because titanium is an active element, at the instant of the exposed to the air can be in the thinning of the material surface to form a layer of TiO2 oxidation film, the layer of oxide film inert degree is high, can be limited to prevent further oxidation and corrosion, ensure the good biocompatibility of the titanium; Titanium in terms of mechanical properties, low density, high mechanical strength, elastic modulus compared with other medical metal is more close to the bone, this is titanium has ideal biomechanical compatibility, and it also has a good machining performance, ease of processing and molding.

In recent years, the use of titanium screw fasteners is extremely broad, the titanium alloy screws because of its obvious advantages, so more and more widely recognized market, its high intensity, monomer, one-side assembly connection, and reusable, etc., and the world of industrial technology and social progress of titanium alloy screws will have a greater development and wider use.

Therefore, the advantages of the titanium alloy screws has the following several aspects

1, higher than strength. The density of titanium is 4.51 g/cm? , below aluminum and above the steel, copper, nickel, intensity is much higher than other metals. Made of titanium alloy screws of lightweight solid.

2, good corrosion resistance. Titanium and titanium alloy in many medium is very stable, titanium alloy screws can be applied to all kinds of corrosive environment.

3, heat resistance, low temperature resistant performance is good. Titanium alloy screws can be in the high temperature of 600 ℃ and 250 ℃ low temperature environment to work properly, and be able to keep its shape will not change.

4, nonmagnetic, non-toxic. Titanium is a nonmagnetic metal, will not be magnetized in large magnetic field; Not only non-toxic, and has good compatibility with the human body.

5, strong damping resistance. Titanium by mechanical vibration, electric vibration, compared with steel, copper, its longest vibration attenuation. Take advantage of this performance as a tuning fork, medical ultrasonic mill vibration components and advanced audio speakers such as the vibration of the thin film.

With the development of titanium industry, titanium alloy screws will no longer be confined to the high-end precision industry, but more deeply into the People's Daily life, so the development of titanium alloy screws space is promising, it should be a future!

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