Titanium bar manufacturers introduce TC4 titanium alloy small size bar process

TC4 titanium alloy bar is currently the most mature technology and the most widely used titanium alloy. With the development of science and technology in recent years, the alloy in the aviation, aerospace, medical field has a wider range of applications, especially small-size bars in the medical field applications are increasing.

Small-size bars of titanium and titanium alloys are generally produced by traditional cross-row mills, which have low production efficiency. There is a certain gap between the bar surface size, straightness and other aspects and the advanced level at home and abroad. Some foreign titanium alloy material manufacturers in order to improve production efficiency and product quality and stability. Has begun to use hot rolling technology to produce titanium alloy small-size bars. Baoji TC4 titanium alloy bar manufacturers for the company's small batch, multi-specification, multi-species industrial characteristics of the construction of titanium continuous rolling production line, the use of hot continuous rolling equipment instead of cross-row mills to produce titanium alloy small-size bars.

TC4 titanium rods

Hot strip rolling can improve the appearance quality of titanium and titanium alloy small-size bars, shorten the production cycle, improve the yield rate, stabilize product quality and other advantages. Titanium bar manufacturers through the TC4 titanium alloy bar different temperature rolling process bar organization and properties of the study, aimed at providing technical reference for field production.

(1) TC4 alloy in the B region for continuous rolling process when after 21 times (ф 13.5mm) processing pairs, the original β grain completely disappeared. All for fine recrystallization isometric α. α + β

(2) TC4 alloy in α + β fork for continuous rolling process, when after 19 passes (фmm) processing, the original β grains completely disappeared, and a large number of fine equiaxed α now, with the increase in the amount of passes are all fine recrystallization equiaxed, and equiaxed instrument more fine dispersion, and the same pass plus β domain continuous rolling bar organization more fine dispersion.

(3) β-phase area and α + β two-phase continuous rolling of the squeeze performance are in line with GB / T13810 standard requirements, two-phase rolling than β-phase area rolling bar performance have improved, tensile strength increased by 80 ~ 90MPa, plasticity change is not significant.

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