Titanium has enemies too?

These days the exposure to titanium isomers, titanium rods and titanium bolts down, all we know about titanium is about the benefits it gives us, but it didn't occur to us that titanium also has things that it is not suitable for.

Titanium cannot be used in dry chlorine gas. Titanium in dry chlorine gas, even if the temperature is below 0 ℃, there will be a violent chemical reaction to generate titanium tetrachloride, and then decomposed into titanium dichloride, or even burning. Only when the water content in chlorine gas is above 0.5%, titanium can maintain reliable stability in it. So it is said that the titanium system equipment contaminated by iron will reduce its corrosion resistance, make titanium more easily to absorb hydrogen and cause brittle change through hydrogenation, the more serious the iron contamination, the more powerful the hydrogen absorption phenomenon of titanium. Therefore, when processing, transporting, installing, overhauling and maintaining titanium equipment, steel tools should not be used as much as possible.

Therefore, a large amount of high-temperature wet chlorine gas should be produced in the production, with the temperature ranging from 75 to 90℃, which needs to be cooled and dried before use.

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