Titanium Heart Stent

What is titanium? What is a titanium heart stent? Can titanium alloy be used as a heart stent? Titanium alloy material can certainly be used for heart stents, and titanium shaped parts made of titanium material are used in the medical aspect to treat the mutilation of human body to make it complete. After repeated research and practice, the most used titanium alloy heart stent is the titanium alloy-based alloy tube type stent, and the tube body is "finely crafted" according to different needs, and more than 10 million titanium alloy heart stents have been placed worldwide so far.

The titanium alloy stent has a high compression ratio, which can be put into smaller conveyors, and the overall deformation of the stent is uniform after opening, and the force is also more uniform, which can make the stress distribution wide and less likely to cause stress concentration, so that the fatigue performance of the stent is enhanced, and the radial support force is larger. The uniformity of the stent unit structure can make the stent stress distributed evenly when it is stressed, and effectively avoid the stress concentration phenomenon, and its stress maximum value is obviously reduced, and the stent flexibility is much better. The mechanical properties of the new bracket are better and the stress distribution is more uniform, which achieves the purpose of optimized design.

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