Titanium products it is what material?

Titanium products manufacturers are summarized as follows.

  In our daily life, most of the living products we use are wood, bamboo, ceramic, stainless steel and so on. But today to introduce you to the new life metal products ---- titanium products. As stainless steel in the initial birth of the situation faced, people are full of surprise and curiosity about this amazing material, so this material can be used in what household items?

  Insulated cups we all recognize it, common is 304 or 316 stainless steel material, our heart cognition is with this material mug more environmentally friendly health, and titanium mug, is also the same effect or even better, we continue to look down.

  Why say titanium water cup is a healthy cup?

  Titanium surface is a layer of oxidation film, will not feel the rusty taste of metal products, and will not make the drink odor, you can taste a very refreshing taste.

  The mechanism of light antibacterial effect that titanium oxide by light, the surface of the positive holes and negative electrons are released, energy and oxygen contained in the water dissolved to form active oxygen, decomposition of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.

  In this process, hydrogen and active oxygen carry out the role of sterilization, decomposition of organic matter, at the same time, also decompose miscellaneous bacteria, acidity, etc., so it can make the taste of drinks more mellow.

  If it is difficult to accept titanium water cup for a while, then why not try titanium tableware.

  For Chinese people, chopsticks are an essential daily tool, so think about how often you replace your chopsticks. How much bacteria can accumulate in the bamboo, wooden and stainless steel chopsticks that you normally use?

  Titanium's dazzling color metal titanium is covered with a very thin film of naturally occurring oxide (titanium and oxide TiO2).

  This film can also become titanium rust, as its surface forms a transparent film with a high refractive index, the film plays the role of a prism, so that the light refraction after absorbing different wavelengths of light, you see the color.

  Moreover, if the thickness of the oxide film is manually adjusted to 8~10cm, thousands of similar colors can be displayed depending on the wavelength. Because this film is a transparent film with high refractive index, it can show colorful colors.

  According to experts, the titanium cup coloring does not add any pigment, completely titanium itself color. Because the melting point of titanium and platinum, and then through a special process, different high temperature, titanium cup surface can produce different colors, and the more mature technology, the more pure color.

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