Titanium Screws For Bicycle

Nowadays, titanium material is widely used in titanium or carbon fiber high-end road bike and mountain bikes.

Titanium have long-time service life, which is irreplaceable by other metal materials or carbon fiber. 

Moreover, titanium is the internationally acknowledged most-advanced and ideal material for manufacturing different kinds of bikes no matter racing bikes or just high-end leisure bicycles. 

With the arrival of low-carbon era, the need of titanium alloy screws for high-end bicycles will increase year by year.

Usually used the following titanium screws for bicycles:

M5*10for the fixing of the bottle cage, disc-brake, rear derailleur, etc.
M5*12for the fixing of bottle cage, disc-brake, etc.
M5*18for the fixing of front Derailleur, the fixing of seat post clamp, the replacement of aheadset stem                        screws, etc.
M5*20for some brake lever, some shifter, etc.

M5*35for brake boosters, etc.

M5*40for seat post, etc.
M6*10for V brake, etc.
M6*12for V brake, etc.
M6*16for thumb shifter, brake lever, etc.
M6*19for crank only, Stem
M6*20for brake lever, derailleur, Stems, etc.
M6*25for V brake, handlebar, etc.
M6*30for seat post, headsets, etc.
M6*35for seat post, etc.
M6*40for stems, seat post, etc.
M8*18for head tube, etc.
M8for V brake, some mountain bike front forks, etc.
M10for V brake, rear forks, folding bikes, etc.

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