Titanium Screws Overview of the thread machining process for joints

Titanium pipe coupling is a part of hydraulic system that connects pipelines or puts pipelines on hydraulic components, which is a general name for a connection that can be assembled and disassembled in the fluid path. Pipe fitting is a tool for connecting pipes to pipes, and is a connection point between components and pipes that can be disassembled and assembled.

It plays an integral and important role in pipe fittings, and it is one of the two main components of hydraulic piping. Titanium alloy is an alloy composed of titanium metal elements added to other metal elements. As a special material, titanium alloy is widely used in the aviation industry because of its light weight, high strength, high heat resistance and high corrosion resistance.

Titanium  screws

Especially in the manufacture of aircraft and rocket spacecraft, titanium alloy is used as an important material to make full use of its characteristics. However, for the machining of titanium alloy, its poor processing performance directly affects the processing quality and processing efficiency of titanium alloy parts products, especially in the processing process of titanium screw thread, there are considerable difficulties.

Titanium screw thread processing mostly use the wrong tooth tap for tapping operations, that is, the tap teeth every interval to remove a, staggered arrangement, so that the workpiece and tap contact only one side to reduce the friction between each other, reducing the torque generated by friction. This prevents seizure or damage to the taps and improves the quality of the threads.

For threads made of titanium alloy, the thread tailstock is usually longer than the standard length. Titanium screws are designed with a receding groove so that the taps do not chip when tapped to the bottom. Choose a coolant with good lubrication and high activity for direct cooling of the taps, so that the high temperature generated during the tapping process makes the taps and chips stick together, affecting the speed and accuracy of the taps.

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