"Titanium screws" several surface treatment methods of titanium screws

Due to the small density of titanium screws, titanium liquid flow inertia is small, poor mobility, in the process of production, it is easy to lead to the appearance of defects such as air holes on the surface and inside the titanium screws. Want to make the titanium screws bright and colorful, it is necessary to remove the surface reaction layer of titanium screws. There are two ways to remove the surface reaction layer of titanium screws.

1. sandblasting: the use of sandblasting will be sand impact titanium screw surface, thus generating intense sparks, temperature rise and titanium screw surface hair should occur, the formation of secondary pollution, affecting the quality of the surface. Time is 15 ~ 30 seconds, only to remove the casting surface of the sticky sand, surface sintered layer and part and oxide layer can be. The rest of the surface reaction layer structure is appropriate to use the chemical pickling method to quickly remove.

2, pickling: the use of cleaning pickling method can quickly and effectively remove the surface reactive layer of titanium screws clean, and will not produce other metal elements of pollution.

Titanium screws of high chemical reactivity, low thermal conductivity, viscosity, mechanical grinding and grinding ratio is low, and easy to react with abrasives, ordinary abrasives are not suitable for titanium screws grinding and polishing, it is best to use good thermal conductivity of super hard abrasives, such as diamond, cubic boron nitride, etc.

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Chemical polishing: chemical polishing is through the redox reaction of the metal in the chemical medium and achieve the purpose of leveling and polishing. The advantage is that chemical polishing and metal hardness, polishing area and structure shape, where the parts in contact with the polishing solution are polished, do not need to be special complex equipment, easy to operate, more suitable for complex structure of precision titanium screws polishing. However, chemical polishing in the process parameters are more difficult to control, requiring a good polishing effect on titanium screws without affecting the precision of titanium screws.

In order to increase the aesthetics of titanium screws, so that the surface of titanium screws more colorful and bright, but also to prevent titanium screws in natural conditions of continuous oxidation. General screw manufacturers will use surface nitriding treatment, atmospheric oxidation and anodic oxidation method of surface coloring treatment, so that the surface to form a light yellow or golden yellow, to improve the beauty of titanium screws. Anodic oxidation method uses the titanium's oxide film to interfere with light and natural coloring, which can form colorful colors on the titanium surface by changing the tank voltage.


Of course titanium screw customization is mainly based on the user's different needs for screws to different surface treatment methods. The actual application environment of titanium screws is the main reason why titanium screws use what kind of surface treatment, these above are just the conventional titanium screw fasteners treatment. Titanium screws] What are the advantages of titanium screws over traditional screws?

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