Titanium  Screws

Titanium Screws

Material: Pure titanium,Titanium alloy 

Grade: Gr1,Gr2,Gr5(Ti6al4v),Gr7,Gr9

Specification: M3-M30*L or as your request 

Head Type: Taper Head 

Drive Type: hex

Processing Methered: CNC Machined 

Screw TypeTitanium Screws

                     Titanium taper Head Screws

                     Titanium hex Screws

                     Titanium Hex Socket Screws;


Baoji Xinlian Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China titanium hex socket taper head screws 

manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company equipped with factory, welcome to wholesale titanium hexagon socket taper head screws from us.


Titanium Screws

We can supply a wide range of titanium fasteners from M3 up to M60. The product range include titanium screws,titanium bolts,titanium nuts,titanium washers and titanium pins.Our factory is specializing in producing kinds of fastener of ISO, DIN, ANSI, GB and BS standards. And non-standard fasteners are also our main products.

Titanium Racing Parts

We manufactures titanium racing parts as per drawings or requirements. We also have in stock various sizes and styles of titanium racing parts for road/mountain/cross/track/bmx bike, motorcycle,car,ship,yacht,aircraft,etc.

Titanium Machined Parts

We offer services to manufacture titanium machined parts according to customer`s specifications or drawings and can also make special design for customers if required.

Titanium Material

We also specialize in all pure and alloy grades of titanium mill products in different forms,include titanium bars&billets,titanium tubes&pipes,titanium sheets&plates,titanium wires and other shapes to ASTM,ASM,MIL specification.

Titanium Hex Socket Taper Head Screws

Material: Pure titanium,Titanium alloy

Grade: Gr2, Gr5(Ti3Al2.5V)

Specification: M3-M30*L or as your request 

Head Type: Taper Head 

Drive Type: Hex

Surface Treatment: Polishing,Anodizing, Nitriding

Color: Ti nature,Gold,Blue,Green,Purple,Black,Rainbow

Application: racing car, bike, motorcycle 

Place of Origin: Baoji,Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: XL Titanium

Density: 4.51kg/cm^3

Inventroy: in large stock

Processing Methered: CNC Machined

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