Titanium Tube in Oil Well Exploitation

For an oil company, it is necseeary that as much production be extracted from a reservoir safety, so oil well stimulation plays a vital role in the production operations. Stimulation measures, such as hydraulic fracturing and acidification can create, increase, or restore the oil well's productivity. Oil companies usually use titanium alloy tubes GR9 (Ti-3Al-2.5V) for oil exploitation and oil well stimulation. 

Titanium tubes size from OD0.158"~0.315" (4.0~8.0mm) x WT0.014"~0.02" (0.35 ~ 0.5mm) x Lmax0.5" (max12000mm) and GR9 titanium tube can obtain high yield strength through cold-worked and stress-relieved annealing processes. Pressure by hydrostatic tests can be up to 40MPA. Besides titanium GR9 tubes, there are also commercial pure titanium GR1/GR2 tubes, low-alloy titanium GR7/GR16 tubes as well as titanium alloy GR12 tubes for process equipment.

 Titanium Tube in Oil Well Exploitation.jpg

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