Tool material for titanium cutting

Coated inserts and YT carbides will have a sharp affinity with titanium alloys, aggravating the bonding wear of the tool, not suitable for cutting titanium alloys, for complex, multi-edged tools, optional high-speed steel (e.g. W12Cr4V4Mo), high-cobalt high-speed steel (e.g. W12Cr4V4Mo) Such as W2Mo9Cr4VCo8) or aluminum high-speed steel (such as W6Mo5Cr4V2Al, M10Mo4Cr4V3Al) and other tool materials, suitable for the production of cutting titanium alloy drills, reamers, pullers, taps and other tools.
The use of diamond and cubic boron nitride as tools to cut titanium alloy, can achieve significant results.
If the emulsion is cooled with natural diamond cutters, the cutting speed can be up to 200 m/min, and without cutting fluid, only 100 m/min is allowed for the same amount of wear.

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