Types and application/uses of medical titanium wires and titanium alloy wires in density

Titanium alloy wire is used as a new type of dental material because of its low thermal conductivity and protective effect on the dental pulp. The price is also relatively cheap. Titanium alloy dental implants are more and more widely used in clinical applications at home and abroad. Researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia have made a unique denture that uses titanium as a dental tray material to replace the cobalt-chromium alloy material that has been used in the past. Titanium alloy dental tray is not only light in weight and good in toughness, but also can adapt to the natural movement of teeth in the gums, and will not produce an adverse biological reactions.

The following are the apppliction and process method of titanium alloy wires .


Types of Titanium Alloy

Processing Methods

artificial tooth root

pure titaniumTi-6Al-4VELI(TC4ELI)titanium-nickel alloy


dental orthodontic wires

titanium-nickel alloy wires

        β titanium alloy


      crown bridge for molars

pure titaniumtitanium alloy


crown bridge for front teeth

pure titaniumtitanium alloy



TC4 titanium alloypure titanium



dental plate

titanium-nickel alloy


Jawbone implants

Pure titanium



Medical Titanium Wires ASTM F136 Ti 6Al-4V Eli.jpg

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