Why are titanium bike parts so expensive?

Anyone who is believed to have come into contact with a bicycle knows the material "titanium alloy". Titanium alloy is based on titanium to add other elements of the alloy, can be said to be the leader in bicycle materials, not only expensive, quality and material quality are very good, titanium alloy materials than we feel precious carbon fiber parts are much more expensive.
  Titanium alloy in the bicycle is widely used, not only in the frame of the use of titanium alloy materials, basic bicycle every part of the basic titanium alloy parts, such as titanium alloy stand, titanium alloy horizontal and other parts have titanium alloy material, even the bicycle screws will have titanium alloy material, titanium alloy can be said to belong to the super-high-end metal materials, and the processing process is extremely complex.
  Titanium alloy parts, first take screws, titanium alloy screws relative to steel screws, whether the texture or quality of screws, are not comparable, titanium alloy screws have light weight, strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and so on, it can be said that all titanium alloy parts have light weight, strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and so on, the disadvantage is, especially expensive.
  Titanium alloy is so expensive, because titanium alloy is widely used in the field of aerospace technology high-performance materials, the production process is complex, and the quantity is so-called rare, it is the top material for the manufacture of bicycle frame, in all metal materials are the number one and two leader, so by cyclists love, although expensive, but still value for money, these are the reasons for the high price of titanium alloy.
  In so many bicycle materials, such as steel, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and so on, only titanium alloy has high strength, low density, low elastic module, excellent anti-fatigue and corrosion resistance, this is far better than carbon fiber bicycle, carbon fiber parts, although also expensive, but there is a fatal disadvantage is irreparable.
  And titanium alloy in the repair of this aspect can be said to have innate advantages, carbon fiber once damage is irreparable, although only a little crack, but titanium alloy is not so, titanium alloy if damaged, will only fail in the welding place, as long as the re-welding back can continue to use, such as aluminum alloy frame, repair is completely unparalleled with titanium alloy.
  At this time we may have questions, why aluminum alloy broken words can not be repaired, not to say can not be repaired, we all know that the pursuit of bicycles is what is lightweight, so bicycle manufacturers in the use of aluminum alloy materials, will also think of lightweight, so the use of aluminum alloy will be relatively thin, the thickness of the frame simply can not provide welding conditions.
  Not all aluminum alloy frame can not be repaired, but not titanium alloy reduction so high, and titanium alloy bicycle because of its extremely high strength, generally very difficult to be broken, even if it fell, but also generally in the welding site, after welding can continue to use, and the strength change will not be too large, so this is also the reason for the high price of titanium alloy.
  With the continuous innovation of bicycle technology, the market demand for titanium alloy is also growing, small editor believes that the future of most of the bicycle material will be titanium alloy, titanium alloy development speed is getting faster and faster.

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